Pro FX Signal Alerts acts as an intermediary between some of the UK’s most successful Forex traders. New or experienced traders may not have the spare time to analyse the markets themselves or may just want to use our proven signals. Our success rate is above 85%+ (which we have constantly achieved most months- usually above 90%), our traders are able to consistently deliver profitable trades to our clients, which are straightforward to input and execute, even for the most novice traders.

After growing a large client base through social media and online promotions, we’ve decided to make it easier for beginners who are looking to join our trading group. Below are the most frequently asked questions from people like yourself who are looking to start trading with us. Feel free to message us back with any questions you may have after reading through.


How does it work?

We specialise in Forex trading meaning we buy and sell currency’s using online trading platforms, making profit from the rapid changes in price of the currency’s we trade. We consist of a large group of market analysts who study the charts to produce signals (calculated predictions) that are sent out to you each day, guiding you on how and when to make the best investments in the markets.

We send you signal recommendations everyday throughout the week, guiding you on which trades we think are the most profitable trades.


How would I get started?

To get started, we will send you a Whatsapp with a registration link to create your trading account (if you decide to use our recommended broker).

After you’re all set up and one of our traders have guided you through how everything works I will then contact you to confirm your place and you will be added to the signals group over WhatsApp and Telegram.


How much would you recommend for a first investment?

I would recommend starting between £200 to £1000 as your first initial investment. Start small, take your time and build a decent profit to work from.

We personally spread our investment by trading 6% – 10% of our capital on each signal to maximise profit and reduce risk, but this will be up to you on how much capital you wish to place on each trade.


Are there any fees, hidden charges?

No there are not any fees or hidden charges.


Where does the trading take place?

All the trading is done online. You can follow our signals from any country in the world, in any time zone, at any location…with internet connection. You can trade on your laptop/PC or mobile phone using one of the mobile trading apps we use once you’ve registered your account. You will receive the signals each day over WhatsApp and Telegram.


Is this difficult to do?

No, which you will see yourself after your first week trading. What some people find difficult is managing their risk, people like to make money quickly, and so they make irrational decisions and start placing big stakes on risky trades. Those who follow our recommendations in terms of signals and risk management often come out on top.


How do I know this is a legitimate service?

One thing to remember is we’re giving you signal recommendations, market tips guiding you on trades which our analysts have anticipated to be profitable. We do not ask you to send us your investment; you trade with your own capital.


If I start and decide I want to stop, am I allowed to withdraw my money?

You can withdraw at any time and do not need to notify us when doing so, it’s your capital, and you own it. Depending on the platform, withdrawals usually take around 1-2 days to reach your bank account once you’ve requested a withdrawal.


Trial and premium services we offer to our clients

We offer a free 1 month trial when you join and deposit (min £200) your own capital to trade with our recommended broker, as our recommended broker trades all the currency pairs we trade and it is the best platform to guild our traders on as we use the same platform. Our premium service is £54.99 a month (no contact).

We recommend that you use our recommended broker as they hold all the assets we trade and it is easy for us to guild you every step and in any support you need.  Using our chosen recommended broker it makes it easier for you to access all the currency pairs we trade, that’s why we recommend this broker platform in order for you to have access to our currency pairs we trade.


If I’m happy with everything I’ve read so far, how do I sign up for the service?

To get started please message us back right away so that you can create your trading account with one of our recommended brokers if so. Once that’s out the way, you’ll be sent signals and can start trading.


How to use our signals

“Signal Alert

USDJPY Sell 112.67

Tp 1: 112.25

Tp 2: 111.85

Sl: 113.25

SELL –click SELL at market execution of what price is now. In this case above it is just a Sell order.

Sell Limit / Stop – This is an order trade, it’s an order to sell the currency pair once it reaches our sell limit price. So, you would set the order, once it reaches this price the trade will then open automatically. You can set this up in the platform app when you go into the options of setting Tp and Sl.

Tp – This stands for Take Profit, you set this price next to where it says take profit on the apps. On the platform you are using, the figure highlighted yellow is what you input for Tp. Also we have multiple Tp’s which lets you choose your Tp, so the higher the Tp number the higher the risk but the higher the reward.

Sl – This stands for Stop Loss, you set this price next to where it says Stop Loss on the apps. On the platform you are using, the figure highlighted yellow is what you input for Sl.

P.S. When a trade reaches stop loss, it closes automatically at a loss, when it reaches our take profit, it closes automatically at a profit.